Anatomy of BeatsbyDre

For this final sketch, I was finally able to find something to take a picture of rather than drawing my stick figures. I look at writing, especially within this class, as an internal process that I have to go through. So while thinking of something to write, I was listening to music which helps me think and then I realized this was it.

The Frame:

I looked at the frame of the headphones and assigned that to Rhetorical Composition. I assigned it this only because when I look at the class I feel like rhetorical composition is the bones or the foundation of the class that you need in order to be successful.

Earphones (Right & Left):

I assigned the earphones to the actual thinking processes, critical and visual, because what comes out of the earphones is what I am processing when listening to music and causes me to think. When I am critically and visually thinking and trying to produce something, its this same internal process that I live through when listening to music.

Headphone Jack for Wires:

I assigned this to Digital Identity. I did this because I feel like you can go in and out of your digital identity at anytime. You choose when to plug in and when to plug out of it. Just like you can choose to use wires or go wireless. Literally, wired in or wireless.

Charging Port:

Writing as a process was assigned to the charging port because I feel like all good writers eventually need a recharge. Sometimes you produce so much that you either start repeating yourself or you become drained and cant produce. At that point you need to recharge and then you can produce more.

ON/OFF Button:

Last but definitely not least is creative freedom. I look at creative freedom as something you can turn on and off on command. Some situations require it and some do not so you are free to use it when you would like to.

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